Cloth for ladies

So here's all about my range of cloth sanitary pads.  I normally make fleece backed or windpro fleece backed pads, which are made with a fleece backing and no waterproof layer. The fleece repels any liquid back into the core, whilst allowing the pad to be breathe, also the fleece stops any slippage and movement of the pad.  The cores are made up of bamboo fleece, either: zorb, zorb 11,  or zorb 3d and hemp depending on the level of absorbancy needed, i have tested these cores and the combinations of fabrics to provide a thirsty core that absorbs quickly whilst keeping the pads as slim and discreet as possible.  The combination of fabric used within the cores will be clearly listed as well as the level of absorbancy.  An extra layer of pul can be added if a waterproof layer is needed, and is only available when bought in custom slots. They have a popper to secure the pad around your knickers.  They come in different sizes ranging from pad length from 7"- 13" pads and with different absorbancy levels of: lights, moderate/regular, Heavy and nights and post partum. 


How to wash my pads?

You can dry pail for no longer than 3 days.  Then pop in the washing machine on a cold rinse, as a hot wash wash can set staining in as blood will set in with heat. Then a 40 degree wash will be fine afterwards, i have personally washed mine on a few 60 degree washes if they haven't got PUL in and they have been fine.  Please do not use fabric softners whilst washing your pads as this can reduce the absorbancy of the fabrics used.   If your pad has a wool backing these can be washed at 60 degrees and then tumble dried.  If your pad is made with PUL please air dry only and do NOT tumble dry them as it will delaminate the PUL and they will not have the waterproof quality.  It is best to air dry flecce backed pads as due to the nature of the bamboo fleece and zorb they can have a small amount of shrinkage.  I do however prewash all my fabrics used to help prevent as much shrinkage as possible, these also means your pads are ready to use once you have received them.  Your pads may take a few washes however to become up to their full absorbancy.  


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