Cloth Nappies

I offer a few types of Cloth nappies that will be available to buy, my most popular being a hybrid fitted nappy, fitted napies and pocket nappies.  I can also add in an extra layer of waterproof pul to the hybrid fitted style of nappy turning it into an All in two nappy.

Different types explained:

Fitted Nappies

These are made from terry stretch fabric that is very soft with inserts that pop in that are made from bamboo fleece and hemp.  These are not waterproof and require a wrap or soaker on top. 


Hybrid Fitteds:

So these are like a fitted nappy with an extra layer of good quailty poly fleece in the core that repells water back into the inserts.  They have three layers that make up the super squishy shell of the nappy which are usually: A cute or funky print outer of jersey knit or a supersoft cuddlesoft/minky, then a layer poly fleece for the core, next is a layer of cotton/bamboo velour or a cuddlesoft/minky inner.  These are not water proof and will need a wrap if wearing for extended periods of time, but can last from 2-4hrs coverless to show off those funky prints and embroideries. 

Pocket nappies:

These again have three layers to them: First there is the outer that an be a woven cotton, or minky then a core layer of waterproof PUL and then an inner usually made of microfleece, with a opening on the inner of the nappy making a pocket that is stuffable of your favouirte absorbant fabrics.


Caring for your Nappies:

Once you have received your fluffy post, the inserts will ideally need a couple of washes to build up absorbancy.  It can take up to 10 washes for them to get up to their full absorbancy.  I recommend dry pailing your nappies, after rinsing any poop off the inserts and nappy with cold water,  without leaving them for more than 3 days before a wash.  To wash a cool rinse first then a 40 degree wash (they can have the occasional 60 degree wash, but washing at this temperature all the time can deteriorate the elastics).  Then rinse well after the wash, please do not use any fabric softners when washing nappies as this can decrease the absorbancy of the nappies.  When drying nappies any with pul in should only be air dried,  hybrids and fitteds and the inserts can have a quick 10-15 minute tumble dry on low heat.  Drying in the sunshine is best for your nappies and the sun will help with any staining.  Please do not soak or wash nappies or inserts in napisan or bleaches, whiteners etc as this will breakdown the natural fibres in them.